• 1. When water containing scale element components passes through NON SCALOR UNIT, calcium ions such as Sodium Cation are forced to react with free carbon dioxide in the water, are micro crystallized, and disperse into water (nano-suspension). Calcium ion such as Sodium Cation in water connects to free carbon dioxide by the change of temperature or physical environment, becomes crystallized, increases in size until it settles out as scale inside of boilers, heat exchangers and pipes. Before it can become calcium scale size, as when the water passes through NON SCALOR UNIT, calcium components in the water are oxidized and nano-crystallized, thus preventing deposit as scale by being dispersed (nano-suspension) into the water.
  • 2. Once the scale components in water are forced to nano-crystallization by the NON SCALOR UNIT and dispersed into water (nano-suspension), there is no chance to develop to the size necessary to form scale deposits