• Until Now it has been common practice to rinse with acid to remove these deposits however by installing the Non Scalor is completely prevents the deposits of calcium scale without the use of any chemicals. Non Scalor does not degrade the pipe work. We strongly recommend installing the NMR Pipetector together with the Non Scalor to provide complete protection against corrosion to the pipe work. * We recommend installing “NMR Pipetector” together with “Non Scalor” to protect water supply pipe from corrosion.
  • The Non Scalor does not require external power connections and other consumables therefore no running costs are incurred.
  • Only One Non Scalor is required for any particular System. Non Scalor prevents deposits of calcium scale in all heating equipment in that particular in that system.
  • Non Scalor is installed in line and positioned just in front of the pump for the maximum protection of critical equipment against calcium scale deposits. Applicable pipe sizes are 13A to 200A. It can be installed any angle and maximum water pressure is 1000KPA.
  • 10 Year Product warranty
  • Expected Lifetime is more than 20 years.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Patented in Japan Patent
    No. :4134196