• Electrolytic Protection Utilizing Free Electrons of Water (Hydrated Electron)
  • ・NMR Pipetector realizes electrolytic protection utilizing free electrons of water (hydrated electron). Normally free electrons are locked inside the large cluster of water molecules and they are not discharged even where is water movement within the water pipes.
  • ・However when the large cluster of water molecules break up into small cluster the free electrons are then located on the surface of these small water cluster molecules. (*1)
  • *1: Mechanism of hydrated electron is explained in the articles on Science Vol.307.
  • Large Cluster of Water Free electrons are inside of cluster Small Cluster of Water Free electrons are outside of cluster
Free electron of water Thunder clouds

・When water with this condition is moved the free electrons of water can be discharged and they can be used for Electrolytic Protection.

・It is the same phenomenon with lightening generated in thunder clouds where small clusters of water are barely moving.

  • NMR Pipetector breaks up water cluster by power of NMR technology.
  • ・The Hydrogen nuclei of water molecules that has magnetic pole N & S (Nuclear Magnetism) resonates (nuclear spin) when it receives specific length of electromagnetic (EM) wave. It is called NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) effect.
  • ・NMR Pipetector generates specific length of EM wave and breaks up large cluster of water molecules to small cluster of water.
  • ・This EMR effect continues for more than 6 hours.
  • ・NMR Pipetector makes free electrons of water available for stopping internal red-rust and for reduction of red-rust to magnetite through out water pipe work.
  • * Traditional method like ultrasonic can only keep the condition of small cluster of water molecules within a second.
  • Large Cluster of Water  Resonates more than 6 hours  Break up to Small Clunster  Water movement discharge free electron
  • NMR Pipetector uses Black Body Radiation Technology to generate electromagnetic wave.
  • ・Black-body radiation theory is the material object generates electromagnetic wave, not having any influence from the outside.
  • ・Ceramic or charcoal is one of the examples. Ceramics are sintered by 1200 degrees Celsius when the process of manufacture can then store thermal energy in the ceramic therefore ceramic can generate multiple wavelengths created by this process.
    In addition, charcoal will be carbonized at more that 800 degrees Celsius, therefore charcoal can also generate multiple wavelengths of infrared waves.
  • ・In addition, charcoal also be carbonized at more than 800 degrees Celsius, therefore charcoal can generate wide wavelength far infrared wave.
  • ・Based on this theory, NMR Pipetector incorporates wave generating material with wavelength balancing materials inside it and the device is designed to generate an electromagnetic wave which is ideal for the NMR effect without external power source.
  • Traditional Electrolytic Pole System and Problem.
  • ・Electrolytic pole is installed to the water pipe and discharges electrons from the pole using external electric power.
  • ・However, electrons from the pole are discharged to the lowest potential area near by the pole (within range of 1.5 times of pipe diameter). Therefore electrons are not available for further area and no electrolytic protection effect is realized for this area.
  • ・In order to apply electrolytic protection effect throughout the water pipe, many electrolytic poles need to be installed. This may cause
  • ・Cost of electrolytic pole installation is more than replacing pipe work.
  • ・Strength of the water pipe become weak and causes problem on safety.
  • Electrolytic Pole  Electron only reach short distance