• Completely stops internal development of red-rust.
  • Converts existing internal Red Rust to Magnetite ( Black Rust ) and provides complete protection to all the pipe work.
Red-rust Black-rust
  • What is Black Rust(Magnetite)?
    Black Rust is a hard crystal and its cubic size is less than 1/10th of Red Rust. Magnetite has been used as a corrosion protective material through the ages and Magnetite is still used to-day as a surface coating for cooking utensils including Steam Locomotives and many other products.
  • Extends life time of water pipe work more than 40 years.
    (Provides protective magnetite barrier to inner wall of pipe work) 
  • Reduces internal blocking as the cubic size of Magnetite is only 1/10th of Red Rust.
Red-rust Before Installation Reduction After Installation Magnetite
  • Completely resolves Red-water problem.
Before Installation 2 wks after Installation
  • Cost is less than 1/10th of renewal of the water pipe work.
  • No electrical connections, no chemicals are used and no other additions are required.
    Completely Maintenance Free!
  • No stopping water during installation.
    Ideal solution for places like Hotels and Hospitals!
  • Applicable to various type of pipes and pipe size variation from 25mm up to 2,000mm
  • Terminates algae and single cell bacteria
  • 10 years warranty