Biofilm Elimination

  • ・NMR Pipetector increases the penetration capability of water, by reducing large water clusters to small water clusters.
  • ・Single cell bacteria including amoeba, are the main cause of biofilm inside of pipe works. Those single cell bacteria and amoeba will be eliminated by the penetrating capability of super-saturated water
  • ・Water penetrates into the single cell bacteria, the water which has passed through the pipe work where the NMR Pipetector has been installed is in a hypnotic state. This water then is able to penetrate the membranes of single-cell bacteria.
  • ・Cell membranes explode and bacteria are killed. These cells will then fill with water causing excessive water pressure from within. This internal pressure results in the cell destruction by rupturing the membranes.
  • ・Amoeba and single cell bacteria, the main causes of the biofilm, are thus eliminated.
  • ・NMR Pipetector Test Results (at Saitama Bacteria Laboratory, Japan)
  • 1. Equipment being tested : NMR Pipetector
  • 2. Type of Test : Decrease of single-cell bacteria within designated times. Incubated single-cell bacteria were introduced into the water being tested in the amounts indicated in the chart below.
  • Test Result